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Frequently Asked Questions

I can not login. What should I do?

Make sure that you are typing your full Bilkent e-mail address as your username. If, for example, your e-mail address is “xyz@bilkent.edu.tr”, you should type “xyz@bilkent.edu.tr” into the username box. Please note that passwords and usernames are case sensitive. Having the caps-lock on while typing passwords is a very common mistake. If you still can not login please contact BCC.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it? How can I get a new one?

If you have registered an alternate e-mail address, you can reset your password by yourself. Click here to use password manager.

Alternate e-mail addresses can be registered to the E-mail system using the service at https://bais.bilkent.edu.tr/ldap/login/ . Please note that one needs to know the valid password of an account to set an alternate address.

Otherwise you need to visit BCC room B310. Please remember to bring your personnel or student ID card with you.

How can I change my password?

You can use  Account Manager service at https://bais.bilkent.edu.tr/ldap/login/

How can I forward my emails to another address?

You can use  Account Manager service at https://bais.bilkent.edu.tr/ldap/login/

How can I set a vacation message?

You can use  Account Manager service at https://bais.bilkent.edu.tr/ldap/login/

How can I read and send e-mail using the e-mail client application installed on my computer, smart phone or tablet?

You can use email client programs like Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, Android Mail etc. to access your e-mail account. To configure your email client please use setup instructions here.

How can I download ALL my Bilkent e-mail folders to my computer?

You can install the e-mail client software Mozilla Thunderbird onto your computer; set up an IMAP account with your regular Bilkent e-mail account. (Please see client setup instructions here.) Create local folders using Thunderbird's menus for each Bilkent account folder that you need to download. Select the messages you want to download; then right click the selection and chose “Copy to” → “Local Folders” → “The folder you need to copy into”. Repeat this action for all messages and message groups that you want to download to your own computer. You will have the messages stored and accessible on your computer as long as you keep the Thunderbird e-mail client software.

How can I transfer my existing e-mail folders to my Gmail account?

You can only transfer contents of your Inbox folder. Please read the instructions from Gmail Help

While setting up your Gmail account for mail transfer, you will need the following information:

Please use your Bilkent e-mail address as your username.

Our POP3 server is mail.bilkent.edu.tr

Port number is 995. Please check "Always use SSL"

What should I do if I receive a suspicious email?

Bilkent BCC never asks you to provide any personal account or password information by email.

Usually you receive phishing emails, purporting to be from Bilkent, claiming that your account will be deactivated.

Phishing emails are fake emails that attempt to collect your personal and financial information. These fake emails often link to illegitimate (spoof) websites that encourage you to enter personal information (for example, credit card numbers, and account passwords).

Never open suspicious emails and always delete them. The e-mail or a website quoted within it could contain a Trojan or virus. Never click on a link or log in to a page that looks unusual in any way. Just by clicking a link within a phishing email could potentially download a harmful virus.

Why is Roundcube Recommended?

You can use one of the following webmail applications to access your e-mail account:

Roundcube: This is a newer webmail system with visually attractive application-like user interface. Some of its features are drag and drop message management, full support for MIME and HTML messages and find-as-you-type address book integration.

Squirrelmail: This is an old webmail system which is stable and simple. Unfortunately, it doesn't include any of the modern interface additions and hasn't been upgraded much in recent years.

For other questions, please send an e-mail to